Consultants Of OTTs Creating Troubles For Producers!

From the past few months, OTT platforms have become the go-to option for our filmmakers who are trying to recover their heavy investments. But major OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are har to approach and that is where these so called 'consultants' who take these films to these companies and get small amounts of commissions as a return.

These agents were earlier present in the television industry and they reportedly spoiled the business a lot by making some producers who pay them more get better deals compared to others. Now they are reportedly entering the OTT business and they are taking regular films towards OTT platforms and scaring them by quoting huge prices. Due to these consultants, Amazon and Netflix brought some mediocre films in Telugu and they have performed poorly. Now, the OTT platforms are being extra cautious about films.

With this, the OTT platforms are hesitant to buy even good-content films which is causing a lot of trouble. The big producers nowadays are avoiding these middlemen and setting deals with these platforms directly. But it is not the case with small films who are still finding it tough.
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