Hyd Cybercrime Police Arrested Two People For Searching Child Pornography

Based on the information provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children(NCMEC) Cybercrime police arrested two people for child pornography across various platforms.

The nonprofit organization NCMEC that is based out of the United States fights against child abduction, abuse, and exploitation and passes away the information of such incidents with the respective bodies.

Upon receiving the information, Hyderabad Cybercrime police arrested two people who were identified as Mohammed Feroz and Prashanth Kumar who were searching child pornography across various search engines.

The cops produced  Mohammed Feroz and Prashanth Kumar before the court and after hearing the case, the court sent the duo for remand.

Hyderabad cyber crime personnel are warning the people to not search for child pornography content and said as the activities are being monitored people who browse for such content will be taken into custody.
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