Son Stoke For This TRS Minister

Till recently, she had everything going for her. But now she seems to be having lot of problems, not from political rivals, but from her son. Yes. We are talking about Telangana Minister and Rangareddy district strongwoman Sabitha Indra Reddy.

She was one of the very few Congress leaders who managed to win. She had won from Maheshwaram, but soon realized which side of the bread was buttered. So, she jumped into the TRS and got a ministership as a return gift. She is now almost the unquestioned leader of the party in Rangareddy district. But, problems seem to be mounting for her from her son Siddharth Reddy. Young and ambitious, Siddharth has been angling for a post of power for far too long. But, luck did not smile on him. The Congress refused to give him ticket and she had joined TRS. But, even the TRS seems to have ignored Siddharth Reddy. Now, son is bringing pressure on his mother to politically rehabilitate him.

Sources say that Sabhitha is vexed with the pressures from her son and is said to have remarked that it would have been better if she had not been made a minister at all. This worry is said to be bogging her down to no end.
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