TRS Seniors Begin To Reserve Seats For Their Sons, Daughters

The growing feeling among the TRS rank and file is that sooner than later, KTR is going to take over the mantle from his father KCR in Telangana. There are also fears that when he takes over, KTR would go in for a younger team. This means that several old horses may have to walk into sunset.

So, most of the TRS seniors and ageing leaders are trying to promote their heirs in the party. These days, they are busy meeting KTR and introducing their sons, daughters, nephews and sons and daughters in law to him. They are trying lobby for suitable positions to them. Several leaders have launched several programmes to catch the attention of KTR. They are bent on inviting him to these programmes.

These leaders want to have their share of the cake in the next dispensation too. They want to ensure that their political families are safe even in KTR's time. Hope both KTR and KCR are watching all this.

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