TRS Leaders Begin Lobbying For GHMC Mayor's Post

Even as Corona is still stalking Hyderabad with cases mounting dangerously by each passing day, the political class is busy lobbying for the GHMC mayoral post. There is a mad scramble to push forth female candidates from powerful political families in the TRS.

While incumbent Mayor Bonthu Rammohan is pushing for his wife Bonthu Sridevi Yadav as the candidate, another strongman Talasani Srinivas Yadav is pushing the case of his daughter in law. With the mayoral seat going for female BC, both the leaders are working hard to get their family members to the mayoral post. Mayor Rammohan is aMunnuru Kapu, while his wife is a Yadav. She is also the president of the All India Yadav Association. Rammohan has been actively working to project her. At the same time, Talasani is lobbying to get mayoral post for his daughter in law.

But, the anti-climax is that KCR is considering weaning away ex-minister Nandishwar Goud, who is currently with the BJP, and give mayoral post for his daughter. If this happens, it would be a huge disappointment for both Bonthu and Talasani. Let's wait and see how things unfold.

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