Sachin Pilot Proves Tough Nut To Crack

The initial bravado of the Congress high command and that of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot is getting weaker and weaker. Gone is the shimmer in its talk that it would win the vote of confidence when it would be held. It is now becoming clearer that Ashok Gehlot does not have the requisite number and that Sachin Pilot holds the key to the survival of the Congress Party.

The Congress High Command has made Ashok Gehlot drop all the charges filed by the Special Operations Group against Pilot. Gehlot used SOG to threaten and browbeat Pilot. By dropping the charges, the Congress High Command has yielded to a stubborn Sachin. But, realizing that the Congress leadership has blinked first, Sachin is now asking that Gehlot be replaced and he be made the Chief Minister. To save the Government from tottering, the High Command has asked Gehlot to join the national secretariat of the AICC. But, Gehlot is unrelenting and has decided to stay put.

Due to all this, the governance has come to a standstill. The Congress observers are confined to Jaipur making rounds between both Gehlot and Sachin. Except Punjab, almost every state where the Congress is either in power or sharing power is in trouble. Many say it's only a matter of time when the Rajasthan slips out of the Congress hands.
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