India And Andhra Pradesh Fearing The Ongoing Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic originated from the Wuhan province of China is ringing danger bells in India with the country reporting more than 50,000 fresh infections for eight consecutive days.

In the past few weeks, both fresh infections and fatalities increased in the country at a rapid phase as every other day India has been reporting record new cases and casualties.

In the last 24 hours, India reported 62,538 fresh infections which take the toll of the total infections in the country to 20,27,074. This is the highest spike of cases in a single day.

Quite surprisingly, Andhra Pradesh is suffering from similar situations as the infections of the respiratory disease increased at a larger scale during the month of July as the cases surpassed 2 lakh-mark.

The other day, the total infections of the virus surpassed the 2 lakh-mark in Andhra Pradesh with 10,171 fresh cases reported on Friday. The cases in the state rose to 2,06,960.

One more uncanny resemblance between Andhra Pradesh and India is that Andhra Pradesh is the third worst-affected state in the country while India is the third worst-affected country in the world.
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