AP Govt To Regulate Liquor Prices?

Following the pandemic outbreak and series of lockout, Andhra Pradesh government led by CM Jagan decreased the liquor outlets in the state and the liquor prices were also increased in the state.

Now some media reports claim that the Andhra Pradesh government is making efforts to ease the liquor prices in the state and a meeting in this regard will be chaired very soon.

The reports emerged in the wake of alcohol lovers in the state consuming sanitizers and losing their lives due to this. Similar incidents took place in Prakasham and Kadapa districts.

If we have to take anything from the media reports the government will call for a review meeting and the cabinet will take a crucial call o cut shorting the liquor prices. Reportedly, the prices of only limited brands will be decreased.

One more issue faced by the government with the increase in liquor prices and shutting down the liquor outlets is illegal liquor being transported into the state from the neighboring states.
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