Talented Actress Not Satisfied With Her Work Even Now!

Radhika Apte is considered as one of the most talented performers by the North audience and critics alike. She chooses different subjects all the time and works in all mediums including films, web-series, short films and everything. She doesn't like to limit herself or get stuck with an image that limits her opportunities. He looks to come up with something unique all the time which is why she is never satisfied.

She says, "We do a lot of things in our life, learn something new every day and develop new skills. Not just that but we learn what not to do too. It is a continuous process. A person cannot stop making mistakes but he needs to make new mistakes but the same old ones. That is the reason why I challenge myself with every role. That is why I don't get satisfied easily."

Radhika Apte adds that she doesn't take success and failure seriously as she feels that considering them makes people to choose stereotypical roles instead of doing an experiment.

Radhika states that life is more important than a career. She wants everyone to look at her as a normal person leading a normal life. She quips that people will watch her if the role is good and it brings recognition automatically.
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