Harish's Film To Work As A Booster For Pawan's Political Career?

As soon as the fans heard that Pawan Kalyan has agreed to do a film with Harish Shankar, they were jumping in joy. A self-proclaimed fan of Pawan Kalyan, Harish gave a feast to the audience in the form of 'Gabbar Singh'. He projected Power Star in a way that his fans wanted to see and turned the film into a blockbuster.

Now, Pawan and Harish are coming together once again and an interesting rumor regarding this film is doing rounds. It states that Pawan will be seen as a politician in this flick. Rumour is that the story will be about a common man turned politician washing away all the dirt in politics. Sounds like 'Mutha Mestri' isn't it? This film will be released prior to next term elections and it is expected to bring the necessary boost to Pawan's political career.

These rumors cropped up before and Harish dismissed them saying that he is making a full-length commercial film. With no updates coming out about this film, it looks like the netizens are spreading the same gossip once again.
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