ChandraBabu Leaves North Andhra TDP Leaders In A Quandary

Thanks to Chandrababu Naidu's tactics , the leaders of the Telugu Desam from the North Andhra region are thoroughly confused. They do not know whether to toe the party line and blindly back Amaravati as capital or join hands with the people of their constituencies, who want a capital at Vizag.

The TDP MPs and MLAs are worried that they would lose their support in their own constituencies, if they continue to back Amaravati and oppose three capitals. With one of the capitals coming up in Vizag, the locals feel this will benefit them. There would be progress and development in these regions and the land values would go up. So, they want a capital in Vizag. The MLAs are finding it difficult to openly back Amaravati against the wishes of the voters. As a result, they are all in a state of confusion.

Some MLAs are studiously avoiding Chandrababu Naidu these days for if they are seen with chandrababu Naidu, the people might take exception. They know that the people of the region are emotionally in favour of a capital In Vizag. Some of these MLAs are said to be talking to Chandrababu Naidu and are trying to convince him to keep silent on Vizag issue.
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