Where Is Galla Jayadev?

Till recently, he was the pride of the TDP. He was known for his daring attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of special status and he addressed Modi as Mr Modi. His speech against the BJP was appreciated by the TDP rank and file. But, today, this MP is missing in action. He is not seen anywhere.

Yes. We are talking about Galla Jayadev. He is Guntur MP and is one of the three MPs that the party managed to get elected. But, Jay Galla has not been seen or heard these days. So much is happening on Amaravati, but Jay Galla is nowhere to be seen. The last time he was seen was during a protest on the issue of Amaravati. He suffered slight injuries during the incident. After that, he has not taken up any protest. Nor did he issue even a minor statement.

Many wonder that  Galla was the only one to completely toe Chandrababu's line. The other MPs – Rammohan Naidu and Kesineni Nani are none too happy with Chandrababu. Kesineni Nani is unhappy with Chandrababu over promoting his rivals, but Naidu has other reasons. He feels Chandrababu is not doing enough to secure the release of his uncle Atchen Naidu.
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