America bans ByteDance US operations

United States President Donald Trump who has been very vocal on dragon country China ever since the ongoing pandemic hit the world took a bold step that shock China.

Donald Trump banned ByteDance in the United States. The US transactions of the apps that fall under the Bytedance like TikTok, Tencent, and WeChat were banned.

US President issued executive orders which states that the US transactions of these apps were banned in the nation. The ban will come into action in 45 days from today. Trump said he took this step to protect the national security of the US.

United States Senate passed the bill that deals with banning the short video sharing app TikTok on all the government devices. The US alleged that the app has been collecting the personal data of Americans.

Earlier, India banned 250 Chinese apps including TikTok post the violent stand-off with the Chinese troops at the Galwan valley in Eastern Ladakh. The stand-off resulted in 20 soldiers martyred by the Chinese troops.
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