High Court Sought Details Of Money Spent On Amaravati

The Andhra Pradesh High Court heard a petition filed on Amaravati and asked the details of the money that had spent on the capital till now and the details of the projects.

Amaravati farmers knocked the doors of the High Court and told the court that various projects worth Rs 52,000 are in progress in the capital region and if the capital gets shifted all the money will be wasted.

The bench considered the point and asked the details of the expenditure on the works at the capital city and also sought the details of the projects that were halted.

The bench asked how much money was spent on these complexes and whats the balance amount that has to be paid to the contractors more for the construction of these structures.

The three-judge bench asked from where the money has come and who is going to bear the loss if the capital gets shifted from there.
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