90 Percent Of Recovered Pandemic Patients Suffer Lung Damage!

Raising many fears and concerns about the ongoing pandemic, a report claims that more than 90 percent of the recovered patients of the pandemic in China are suffering from lung damage.

As per the report, five percent of the recovered patients contacted the virus again. The team covered more than 100 recovered patients and came up with a shocking report.

The team led by Peng Zhiyong, Director, Intensive Care Unit   Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University studied recovered patients and found out that the lion share of patients suffers lung damage.

They also found out that antibodies against the virus is not formed in the majority of the recovered patients, while the antibodies in the lion share of them were not active so far.

With the patients who followed lazaretto again showed a better immunity system, the doctors appealed patients to have good food and follow safety measures even after recovering from the disease.
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