Telangana Cabinet Takes Crucial Decisions Including GriD Policy

The Telangana cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhara Rao today approved several key decisions including giving a green signal for extending the IT Corridor all over Hyderabad.

The cabinet also approved the GriD policy to spread the IT industry across the city rather than just concentrating on a particular region in the city. To encourage IT firms to set up companies in the regions other than the western party of Hyderabad city.

Another key decision taken by the cabinet is to allot a lion share of jobs for the Telangana people in both skilled and semi-skilled jobs. While 70 percent of the semi-skilled jobs will be reserved for Telanganites, 50 percent of skilled jobs will be allotted for locals.

To counter the increasing air-pollution and to encourage the usage of the electric vehicles the Cabinet gave a green signal for the TS Electronic Vehicle and Energy Storage Solution Policy. The Policy will aim at giving incentives for the manufacturers of the e-vehicles.

For increasing the facilities for the medical infrastructure in the state, KCR granted Rs 100 crore to arrange 10,000 beds with the oxygen facilities so that the patients won't face any issues.
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