Star Heroine Regrets Working With Small Hero Now!

She is a star heroine who is ruling the roost in Tollywood right now. She is reportedly regretting the decision of working with a small hero. She is acting with star heroes these days and turned into a crazy heroine. Apart from Tollywood, she is getting offers beside Tamil star heroes too and she is turning out to be their only choice thanks to her beauty and glamorous appeal. She is acting with a pan-Indian star on one hand and is romancing a young hero struggling to find a hit on the other.

He is a hero from a big family but he is unable to get a good hit. On a plan to score his first hit, he is working under a top production banner and they brought this star heroine on board. She was offered a huge remuneration for this film. It managed to gain decent buzz with the poster but the film will serve no purpose as she is regretting that. She is acting with all the star heroes and this small hero film is of no use to her. Her close mates are saying that some films need to be done for huge money and this is one such film.
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