Work From Home Changed The Preferences Of IT Employees

Given the prevailing situations, repercussions of the ongoing pandemic followed by a serious of lockout, work from home became a new normal as many IT firms gave its employees the option to work from home (WFH).

Across the nation, employees working in various fields and sectors and working from home as the infections are rising rapidly. IT Employees are of lion share among the employees working from home.

The work from home routine resulted in the situations changing upside down in Bangalore which is cited as the Silicon Valley of India as the IT Parks and offices became empty with this.

Despite the lockout restrictions were eased, the employees are preferring work from home rather than traveling and working at the offices fearing that they might contact the virus.

The existing scenario in International Tech Park located in Whitefield gives us an insight into the preferences of the employees that work for IT firms. Out of 55,000 employees of Tata Consultancy Services, only a mere 15,000 are working from the offices.

WFH is beneficial in two ways with both employers and employees getting the most out of it. As employers can reduce their costs in office rents and other bills, employees can also reduce their traveling costs.

The other reason for this might be the employees are in the opinion that with office rents and other expenses being reduced they might get their full salaries instead of facing salary cuts.

Following this, the requirement for the office places in Bengaluru city came down by a whopping 56% as a majority of employees are preferring work from home irrespective of their designations.
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