RGV Lambasts At This Filthy News Reader

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV is in his next level of filmmaking. He has impressed film lovers from big screen to small screen and film industry folks are impressed at him for finding new avenues to showcase films on OTT. With back to back films and no censor content he is just taking the marketing and exhibiting of the films to the next level!

Now the ace Director Ram Gopal Varma is all set to rip off the news reader Arnab Goswami whovthe other night linked the deaths of actresses like Sridevi, Divya Bharti and Jiah Khan to latest Sushant Singh Rajput and made a remark that Bollywood is a waste industry where talented girls get exploited and many more harsh comments were made.

Now RGV who is furious on claiming the industry bad by Arnab has decided to make a film Arnab-The News Prostitute and said that he would show the real story of Arnab and who is back of him.

Ram Gopal Varma even asked the buggies in Bollywood like Shah Rukh, Salman, Mahesh Bhatt, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar to come out and dare to retort the wrong allegations of this news murderer whobkills the truth in his way by shouting in the debate. It's time we show the spine of Bollywood RGV advised!

Let's see how Ram Gopal Varma's disciples and Bollywood responds!
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