Film Chamber President Makes Sensational Comments on Ilayaraja!

As we know, music maestro Ilayaraja recently went to war with LV Prasad's grandson regarding a recording studio that he was using for the past four decades. Ilayaraja doesn't own this property and it is in the name of LV Prasad. When LV Prasad's family asked Ilayaraja to vacate the studio, the legendary composer decided to go to the court and fight against them.

He recently made allegations on LV Prasad's family members saying that he was forcibly being sent out and they even damaged some of his musical instruments in the process. In this regard, producer Katragadda Prasad, who is the president of the South India Film Chamber said that LV Prasad sir and his family have been serving the industry from three generations and it will be wrong on Ilayaraja's part if he takes them to court. He added that Ilayaraja took the instrument through the invoice and claimed that it is sad to see such a legendary film personality behaving in such a way. He concluded that the entire industry will be happy if Ilayaraja takes back the reported complaint.

Let us wait and see what decision Ilayaraja takes now.
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