Sonia, Rahul Should Sit Together And Sort Out

There is utter confusion within the Congress Party over the way in which the affairs of the organization. It-s already more than a year that the party does not have a full-time president of the party. Several states badly need the organizational re-vamp, but the leadership has done precious little till now.

More importantly, Sonia, the present stop-gap president has taken over from Rahul Gandhi. Now, it appears likely that the she will now hand over the baton again to her son Rahul. So, essentially, this is all in the family. But, some sections are not pretty happy with this change over. Sources say there are vested interests operating around both Sonia and Rahul. The old guard which surrounds Sonia wants her to continue for fear of losing their primacy. Rahul Gandhi has a young brigade working with him. They want Rahul to take over as it could mean a good bye for the vexed old guard, who have been hanging around despite making no significant contribution.

As a result, over the last one year, the Congress Party is in -as is where is- condition. It is neither moving forwards or backwards. Both Sonia and Rahul should sit together to disucss this and work out a compromise formula where both the old and new guard feel happy.
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