Will Ashwatthama Reddy Contest MLC Elections?

Ashwatthama Reddy does this name ring a bell? He was the leader of the TRS-backed trade union in the TSRTC and has spearheaded the failed RTC strike for over 50 days. He has almost vanished after the strike failed and is neither seen nor heard. But, it seems he is bent on making it to the headlines once again.

If sources are to be believed, Reddy is planning to fight the graduates constituency MLC elections. A native of Mahabubnagar, he wants to contest from Mahabubnagar - Hyderabad - Rangareddy constituency. He is said to have begun talking to his confidants about it and is exploring the possibility of contesting as an independent. Ashwatthama Reddy was once the blue-eyed boy of KCR and had played a key role in the Sakala Janula Samme before 2014. Everything was hunky dory till he called for the RTC strike. KCR not just opposed it, but crushed it with an iron hand. The strike fizzled out and the union was destroyed.

Since then, Ashwatthama Reddy is said to be on a long leave. He is said to be busy meeting people in Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Mahabubnagar and is said to be busy wooing the opinion makers and influencers. Whether he would be able to make a mark or not will be decided once the poll schedule gets announced.
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