Why is Tekkali TDP Cadre Is In Mourning

There is utter despondency in the TDP cadres of the North coastal Andhra region ever since its strongman Atchen Naidu has been put behind the bars. The former minister and TDP loud mouth was arrested in connection with the ESI scam and has been in the prison since May 12.

The party cadre, especially in the Tekkali Assembly constituency is a disappointed lot as there are no widespread protests across the state. No leader of worth has issued a statement. The protests at best were muted. They did not say anything. All these have unnerved the TDP cadre.If there is no reaction to the arrest of such a big leader, what would the fate of grassroots level workers, they ask. They are also worried that there are no concrete plans to secure a bail for Atchennaidu.

Atchen Naidu is one of the most powerful leaders in the TDP, especially in North Telangana. He is known to be a strident critic of the YSRCP both inside and outside the assembly. He is also known for his easy accessibility to the cadres.
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