Don't Attack BJP, TRS Cadre Told

Is the ruling TRS in Telangana wary of the BJP? Is it worried that a section of the youth are now turning towards the BJP in the interiors of the state? It appears so. In a sign of confusion within the TRS, the leadership is said to have advised its leaders and the social media wing not to give importance to the BJP.

The leaders have reportedly been advised not to speak or criticize the BJP. They have also been reportedly told not to respond to the accusations by the BJP. Instead, focus on Congress, criticize it and comment on it, is the advice given to the TRS cadres. Sources say that the advice has come from no less a person than KTR himself. In a recent review meeting, he is said to have advised the cadre not to attack the BJP. The more you attack the BJP, the more credence it will get, is the line that KTR is said to have adopted. Not just that, he is said to have told the workers to attack the Congress, which is very weak in the GHMC elections. Even if you criticize the Congress, it will not gain any popularity, he is said to have advised.

On two occasions, the TRS took on the BJP and criticized its agenda. On both occasions, the TRS  suffered humiliation and the BJP had gained. In case of Bandi Sanjay, the Hindugallu Bondugallu statement boomeranged. Similarly, in Nizamabad too Kavitha Kalwakuntla lost badly. Hence the TRS does not want to take chances.
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