OTT Platforms Providing Work For Them Amidst Outbreak!

As the theatres were closed from the past four months, the OTT platforms have turned out to be the biggest source of entertainment for the public. They watched all the existing original content on different platforms. A few films which were supposed to hit the screens ended up coming directly on the OTT platforms. Despite all of this, the OTT platforms are facing a shortage of content and the shootings were kept on keeping in mind the current situation.

This is making the OTT platforms to dub films from one language to other. We may not know whether this plan works out or not but it is definitely giving a good amount of work for the dubbing artists and editors in the dubbing studios. A lot of people who work behind the camera are getting opportunities due to these dubbing films in this time of virus outbreak. While the artists in front of the camera are waiting for the shootings to get started, some others who work behind the camera are having their hands full at the moment.
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