This Seasoned Politician's Career Is On A Crossroad

Once he was the pivot of the Congress Party. Twice the Congress came to power and both the times, he was the PCC chief. He became minister and held key posts. But, today he finds his career at the crossroads. He is none other than D Srinivas.

D Srinivas is in the TRS and is party's Rajya Sabha MP. But, he finds himself out of place there. No one trusts him and no one talks to him. He is all alone in the party. He has emotional links to the Congress Party and has spent decades in the Congress. He was its president for two terms. But, the Congress is so weak today that there is no point in joining the Congress. What more, most of his trusted and loyal cadre are already in the BjP helping out Dharmapuri Aravind. So, even if he goes, there's none to back him. He wants to go to the BJP but does not know what he can do in the party. His son is already an MP and he has no role in the party.

As of now, he is simply biding his time in the TRS in grand isolation. No one talks to him and none confides in him. He is all by himself in the party these days. What a stage to be in for a seasoned and old warhorse?
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