'Lootcase' Trailer Talk: A Promising Crime-Comedy In The Offering!

Many films which were supposed to hit the screens are taking the OTT route now and here comes another Bollywood film 'Lootcase' which is releasing in Disney Hotstar. Starring Kunal Khemu in the lead, the film's trailer has been released recently it looks promising to say the least.

The title itself suggests that the film is a crime comedy that revolves around a suitcase filled with a lot of money. Many people are after the suitcase while it lands in the hand of Kunal Khemu. The entire chaos created due to this offers a lot of funny moments. The trailer is cut in a perfect way as it succeeds in creating a positive impact on the film. If 'Lootcase' fulfills the promise given by trailer, it will definitely hit gold.

The cast is perfect as everyone fit their role like a glove. Directed by Rajesh Krishnan, 'Lootcase' will be streaming from 31st July. Hope it entertains the audience during these tough times and makes them forget their hardships for a while.

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