Will Luck Smile On Ponguleti This Time?

What does future hold for former MP Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy? Ponguleti finds himself at the crossroads of his political career. Ponguleti, who fought and won on the YSRCP ticket in 2014 as an MP, is in a fix about his future.

After AP was bifurcated, Khammam went to Telangana and as Khammam MP, he left the YSRCP to join the TRS. He also managed to take three MLAs along with him into the TRS. But, in 2019, his plans to contest again were thwarted in the TRS. Powerful industrialist-politician Nama Nagswara Rao was made the TRS MP candidate and Ponguleti was promised an MLC seat for standing down. Ponguleti obeyed KCR. But in the 2019 elections, the TRS did not perform well in Khammam district and a major part of the blame was on Ponguleti. He was accused of ensuring the defeat of some MLAs of TRS. Ever since, his stock has gone down in the TRS.

Now, he is said to be trying very hard to get MLC nomination on governor's quota. He is up against heavy weights like outgoing MLC Karne Prabhakar and former minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy. Sources close to him said that he is trying to pull leverages in the YSRCP and is putting pressure on the TRS to give him the MLC seat. Let's wait and see how things unfold.
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