Pandemic Dairies: US Reported Highest Slump Of Cases

The spread of the ongoing pandemic is ringing danger bells in the United States as the cases are increasing in the nation at a rapid phase. The situation in some states is turning out to worse from bad.

What's even shocking is that the United States reported a total of 67,417 fresh infections of the ongoing pandemic on Tuesday alone raising many fears and concerns about the spread of the disease. With this, the count of the total infections in the country zoomed to over 3.4 million.

The situation in the US turned upside down and since the last week as the respiratory virus is spreading its deadly wings in the country. Out of the newly reported case, as many as over  35 states in the US witnessed the spike of cases.

Top American physician and immunologist  Dr. Anthony Fauci, who earlier predicted that the US would report one lakh cases per day if proper care is not taken compared the virus to the that of flu that shock the world in the year 1918.

The fatal flu left a deadly impact on the world that not less than 50 million people breathed their last breath battling the flu across te countries and the US alone reported over 6 million fatalities with the flu back then.
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