Tens Of PPE Kits Washed Away In Osmania General Hospital

The State-run Osmania General hospital in Hyderabad was flooded with rainwater mixed with drainage water after the rainfall in the city on Monday. As per the reports, this was the second such occasion in the last three days.

Osmania General hospital is one of the biggest government hospitals in the state which is serving a huge population in Hyderabad in terms of Covid-19 test and treatment centres.

Due to rainfall, the rainwater mixed with the drainage water flooded the OGH premises and entered as many as six wards, including the ICU, located on the ground floor.

During times, where we can see the unavailability of PPE kits, tens of PPE kits were seen floating in the water due to the negligence of hospital staff. Some people have captured these incidents on camera and there videos and images went viral across social media.

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