Shocking: Many High-profile Twitter accounts hacked

In what it could be a shocker official Twitter handle of eminent personalities and organizations were subjected to hacking.  Looking at the list of profiles hacked, we can term it as a gigantic hack.

Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg are some of the accounts that were hacked. It is believed that the hackers hacked the profiles to dupe people to send cryptocurrency bitcoin

The Micro-blogging site responded quickly and looked into it. The support team was directed to see more damage is not caused, As a result, Twitter has been reviewing this and the option to tweet or reset the passwords were disabled accordingly.

Hackers made a Tweet from Elon Musk's account and posted his followers will receive double the amount of Bitcoin they send to the link which is attached to the post. The post also mentioned the offer will be available for only 30 minutes.

If the information provided by some media reports is to believe, these hacked Tweets went viral and Tweeple sent money through the link provided and the transaction money is worth over  $113,000.

Talking about the massive hack, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey termed the attack as the toughest day for the micro-blogging site and said the attack is a coordinated attack.
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