Man Visits 164 Places During Home Quarantine

Covid 19 is spreading like wild fire. New cases are being registered day in and day out. Yet. Some people seem to care two hoots for social distancing and quarantine. Caution is thrown to winds and discretion does not exist in their lexicons.

Take this case of Sahab Singh of Karnataka. He came to Udipi on June 29 from Mumbai. He was advised home quarantine till July 3. But, during his quarantine period, he went out of his house 163 times. He went to places like Kundapur. He met several persons. The GPS tracker affixed to his mobile phone has shown that he has met over 160 people during this time and has even checked into a hotel.  The police have now booked a case against him for violation of quarantine and lockdown rules.

Meanwhile Karnataka has reported 44077 cases so far. Of them 17390 persons have recovered, while 843 have died. As of now, there are 25845 active cases in Karnataka. In Bengaluru city, lockdown is in force till July 22.
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