Pandemic Drug Black Marketing Gang Busted In Hyderabad

With the anti-malaria drug Remdesivir getting approval from the Drug Controller General of India(DCGI), the demand for the drug increased at once. A group of fraudsters reportedly tried to black-market the drug and got arrested.

Going into detail, 8 members formed as a group and started selling the Remdesivir drug for higher prices banking on the need for the drug. Allegedly they did this for easy money.

The officials of the Commissioner's  Task Force(south zone) successfully busted the gang based on the tip-off they received and took them into custody.

The cops seized,100 mg injections of the anti-malaria drug and an amount of Rs 55,000 from the gang and took them into custody. It is believed that the drugs seized by the task force sleuths will be around Rs 35.5 lakh.

The gang is selling the drugs by around ten times to that of the original price. When the original price of the Remdesivir is 5,400, the gang is selling the drug between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000.

The other drugs are also being sold at a very high price when compared to the original price as there is a soaring demand for these generic drugs which are currently being used to treat the pandemic patients.

The cops identified the accused as  K. Venkata Subramanyam, Santosh Kumar, Mohd. Shaker, K. Kishore, Rahul Agarwal, Gagan Khurana, Saif Ali Mohammed, and Firdous Mohammed.
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