Is Varma Planning To Earn Money With 'POWERSTAR' Trailer?

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma may have been faded away as a filmmaker but he is never out of ideas as a businessman. He was the one who started the trend of releasing films directly on the internet. Films like 'GST' and others were released directly.

He is known for making films in less budget and promoting his film with controversies and earning good money opening day thereby recovering the entire investment and getting profits. During the lockdown, he released films like 'Climax' and 'Naked' on his website and charged 100 and 200 rupees respectively on pay per view basis.

He is planning to release his next film 'Powerstar' on 24th July on his own website. The latest news we hear from the insiders is that Varma is thinking of making money even with the trailer. Since it a controversial subject, people will be willing to watch the trailer and he is reportedly thinking of charging 50 rupees per view on his website. If this rumour becomes a reality, RGV will be the first filmmaker in the entire country to pull of such a crazy thought. Let us wait and see what happens.
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