Bengaluru Police Collects Huge Fines For Not Wearing Face Masks

We are aware that face masks are made mandatory during the Covid crisis time. The officials have imposed huge fines on people who came out without masks. From today, electronic city Bengaluru is once again put under strict lockdown as the Covid cases are drastically rising in the city.

A fine of Rs 1 crore was collected from those who did not wear the mask in the last month. Traffic police and BBMC officials are thoroughly patrolling to identify people without masks across the city of Bengaluru.

As per the authorities, a fine of Rs 1 crore was collected in June. A total of 50,706 people were identified and fined for not wearing masks and not following physical distance. Rs 1.91 crore was collected from them and a fine of Rs 200 each was imposed.
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