Pandemic Dairies: 3 Nations Account For Around 50Percent Of Cases In The World

The dreaded virus which has the roots of the dragon country China has spared to more than 200 nations across the globe. To date, the virus has left more than 13 million infected and claimed  5.72 lakh lives.

Though many nations were suffering from the ongoing pandemic, the official data states only three nations in the world emerged as the worst-hit nations and these nations account for around 50 percent of the total cases in the world.

Super Power nation United States is the worst-hit nation in the world with as many as 3,479,483 cases and 138,247 fatalities of the ongoing pandemic. So far 1,549,469  patients managed to recover from the virus.

Brazil made it to the second spot in the list of worst-hit nations with 1887959 total infections and 72921 fatalities in connection with the contagious disease. The nation recorded 343 fatalities per 1 million population.

India which was at the fourth spot a week back emerged as the third worst-affected nation in the world as the country has as many as 906752 infections with 28,498 fresh infections reported in the last 24 hours.

As if the official stats are not enough, the World Health Organization(WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom said the coming days will be even worse and it will take more time for the situations to get normal.
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