Mosque Demolition Continues To Haunt KCR

The issue of the demolished mosque appears to be haunting Chief Minister KCR. Though his friend and MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi thanked KCR for his assurance to rebuild the mosque damaged during the demolition of the secretariat building,  the other Muslim leaders seem to be unhappy.

The Tehreek Muslim Shabban, an apex organization of the Muslims in the Old City of Hyderabad has asked the Muslims to hoist black flags on the masjids in the twin cities in protest against the damage to the mosque in the secretariat complex. Mohammad Mushtak Malik, president of Tehreek Muslim Shabban has also refused to accept KCR's offer of constructing the mosque at a different place inside the complex. He said the mosque should be built at the same place, where it used to stand once. He also demanded that a delegation of Muslim leaders should be allowed to visit the place of demolition.

The Tehreek has the support of several hard line Islamic groups and is staunchly opposed to MIM and its leader Asaduddin Owaisi. Meanwhile, Shia Muslims have boycotted the Wakf Board meeting held on Tuesday saying that the board has failed to protect the Shia properties in the state.
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