UK's Study On Antibody Immunity Raises Many Fears

In the wake of some nations claiming the testing of potential vaccines that can cure the ongoing pandemic, a recent study carried out by a renowned University in the UK raised many fears about the virus.

Going into detail, a group of researchers from the famous King's College London conducted a study to understand the response of the immune of the positive patients, and the outcome is not that satisfactory.

The researchers conducted the study by taking the immune response of more than 90 patients into consideration and found out that the antibodies which destroy the virus in the body will decline slowly and this condition makes them more vulnerable to the virus.

The outcome of the study is that, just like the antibodies in the patients, the vaccine might also get declined in two or three months and the virus might attack the patient one again. For this, the patient should be provided with the vaccine once again.

The research carried out by the University is the first of its kind which analyzed four levels of the antibodies and came to an assessment that the immune system of the patient will start declining gradually.
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