Star Producer Gives False Hope For Fans!

He is a star producer who bankrolled many hit films. Known for his judgment skills, this star producer is producing a big star hero film now. It is a remake of a Hindi film and there are a lot of expectations from the fans over this movie.

This film was supposed to hit the screens during summer but the lockdown forced the makers to stop the shooting and no one knows when this film releases. To release, the shooting has to be completed but considering the current circumstances, there is no way that the shootings can begin again. A lot of people are getting infected by this virus and the situation is becoming dangerous with each passing day.

Not just the star heroes but the entire team are not willing to take the risk of joining the shoot. At this time, this star producer is giving false hopes to the fans of this star hero. He recently called the fans' president of the star hero and said that he is planning to finish the shooting by August end. The producer asked the fans' president to spread this news among fans. Let us see what happens now and things get ugly when the fans get disappointed.
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