TDP, A Divided House In Anantapur

The TDP seems to be learning no lessons despite the humiliating 2019 loss in elections. Even after losing badly, groupism refuses to die in Anantapur TDP. The TDP leaders such as former MLA Hanumantha Raya Chowdary and Madineni Umamaheshwara Naidu are sparring it out much to the shock of the bewildered cadres.

In 2019, Chandrababu Naidu had denied party ticket to sitting MLA Hanumantha Raya Chowdary and has given it to Umamaheshwara Naidu. But, Umamaheshwara was swept away by the YSRCP tsunami. It was widely believed that Hanumantha had worked against Umamaheshwara and ensured hi defeat. Ever since, the party is divided into two factions in Kalyanadurgam. While Payyavula Keshav and JC family are backing Umamaheshwara, Kalwa Srinivasulu and Prabhakara Chowdary are backing Hanumantharaya.

This is leading to intense factionalism in the party and the cadre are divided between the two groups. Both are holding competitive programmes and are trying to undercut one another. As a result, the ordinary party workers are completely at loss. They want Chandrababu Naidu to quickly intervene and set the things right. But, Babu seems to be busy with other things and has no time for these squabbling leaders.
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