Will Theatres Open From August 1?

It is a known fact that the central government implemented the lockdown to curb the deadly virus. With the sudden lockdown, the film theatres which used to be very hectic have shut down overnight. It's been more than three months that they have been shut down indefinitely. However, the government is easing the restrictions slowly by giving relaxations in every phase of lockdown. On the other hand, the country is reporting a huge surge in Covid cases.

In this context, the dilemma of reopening of theatres is still continuing and there is no information on when the big screens will be reopened. It is heard that the central government intends to reopen the theatres from August 1. Talk is that guidelines are being devised to allow into theatres based on age limit.

If the government reopens the theatres, the chances of spreading the virus will be high. It remains to be seen how far the reopening of theatres will be possible in this context.
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