Why Is BJP's Confidence Growing In Telangana?

The BJP's newfound belligerence and its strident protests across Telangana have left the ruling TRS surprised. The same BJP did not even lodge a feeble protest when its the then party president Amit Shah was attacked in Tirupati by TDP henchmen. But, today, an attack on an ordinary MP in Warangal is evoking a fierce response and even reprisal from the BJP.

The BJP staged state-wide protests against the attack on its firebrand MP Dharmapuri Aravind in Warangal the other day. In Warangal, the protests were very severe. This has baffled the TRS to say the least. The realization is dawning that the BJP in Telangana is changing. Ever since Bandi Sanjay took over, the party is galvanized and the young activists are high on adrenaline. In fact, Sanjay has almost completed addressing virtual conventions of the party in all the districts during the Covid 19. The average attendance in each of the virtual meet is about one lakh. The virtual meet of party's national president JP Nadda was a record 15 lakh. This has emboldened the BJP to take on the ruling TRS.

It remains to be seen if the BJP would be able to continue this momentum. In the past too, it had got moments when it picked pace, but soon dissipated. Will Sanjay be able to hold on to this and scale up the confrontation? Let's wait and see.
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