Jalsa Becomes Very Empty As Fans Do Not Want To Risk

Recently as Corona positive cases are on the surge, Hindi film industry has shocked the most.The Industry that was about to resume shootings but with Amitabh's family affected by Corona and other industry persons getting affected in high numbers, the producers have now just laid back for a few more months.

It is evident that already senior actors are not at all showing interest to presume shoots as per their age and Corona cases surging like never before.

Now the latest news sources say that the fans of Amitabh Bachchan are not at all seen outside Jalsa and his buildings in this crisis. It is because the buildings of the star are strictly prohibited from public gathering after the star responded that he is positive. It is a rare sight to see the star's residence empty without fans in all these years!

Many sources say that it is difficult for the Movie Industry to resume work in this year and most probably until the end of the year that's the reason for many films getting COVID-19 Insurance to save the production from huge losses!
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