Why BJP did not help Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan?

The BJP leadership, it appears, is adopting a different strategy when it comes to rebel Congress leader from Rajasthan – Sachin Pilot. Sachin, who hoped that the BjP would help him become the CM if he revolted against the Ashok Gehlot Government in Rajasthan, was given a short-shrift by the BJP.

The question is why has the BJP admitted Jyotiraditya and why did it reject Sachin Pilot? One main reason lies in the behaviour of both the leaders. Jyotiraditya wanted at least PCC chief post and could not get it, while Sachin Pilot is already the PCC chief. Jyotiraditya indicated his closeness to the BJP ideology by supporting the removal of Article 370 and 35 A, but Sachin did nothing of that sort. Jyotiraditya agreed for a ministry at the Centre, while Sachin Pilot was hell-bent on the CM post. Why will the BJP leave the CM post to Sachin Pilot even if he joins the party? Why will it forsake senior leaders like Vasundhara Raje? Also, the entry of a new Gujjar leader could upset the senior Gujjars in BJP like Kirodimal Gujjar and others. Hence BJP did not show any interest in accommodating Sachin Pilot. Most importantly, the BJP wants the Congress to be weakened by dissensions, internal fights and defections.

More importantly, if Sachin Pilot comes out of the Congress and forms a new party, it is all the more beneficial for the BJP as anti-BJP votes get divided. BJP's victory will be assured. So, the BJP is adopting a wait-and-watch approach on Sachin Pilot.
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