Sachin Pilot Cutouts Appear, Disappear, Reappear At PCC Office

Remember the hit comedy film  Aha Naa Pellanta of ace comedy director Jandhyala? In the film, there is a woman character, who is shown to be very busy wearing and removing a special saree for the wedding of her relative. As the wedding vacillates between making and breaking, the woman keeps wrapping and unwrapping herself in the saree. The Congress is going through similar motions in Rajasthan.

The moment Sachin Pilot revolted against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the Congress workers removed the cutouts of Sachin Pilot. When there were reports that he was talking to the BJP leaders, his effigies were burnt. Later, it turned out that he had said that he would not join the BJP. The effigy burning stopped. Sometime later, it emerged that the High Command and Sachin Pilot were talking. Immediately, the removed cutouts were back at the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee office. The appearance and disappearance of the cutouts indicated the current status of Sachin Pilot.

Last heard, Priyanka Gandhi herself has stepped in and has begun talking to Sachin Pilot. If the issue gets resolved, one can hope to see Sachin and Priyanka standing side-by-side and posing for the photographs. It would be interesting to see how the Congresswallahs react to this.
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