Why Is Rajni Choosing Him Again?

Superstar Rajnikanth must have seen something in this director that none of the audience are able to see which is why he is choosing to work with him over and over again despite the disappointing results.

Yes, we are talking about young director Pa Ranjith. He is a talented director who makes films with strong and hard-hitting content. Realizing his potential, Rajni gave him the opportunity and Ranjith surprising everyone with the teaser of 'Kabali'. Everyone thought that they were going to witness another 'Basha' but what we got is entirely different which is quite slow and boring.

Irrespective of that, Rajni gave him another chance and he made 'Kaala' which failed in satisfying the fans. Even the normal audience found it uninteresting and it brought some huge losses.

Sources say that Rajni is ready to give him another chance and fans started to worry as soon as they heard this news. We do not know whether it is true or not but if it turns out to be real, hope Ranjith impresses the audience this time at least.

Currently, Rajnikanth teamed up with mass director Siva who made films like 'Veeram', 'Vedhalam', 'Vivekam', 'Vishwasam' and others. The film is titled 'Annatte' and Keerthy Suresh is the female lead while the shooting will resume after a few months.
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