Lockout Affect: Hyd Metro Suffers Rs 200 Crore Loss!

Following the outbreak of the deadly virus, everything around us came to a standstill and the public transport system was also suspended for four months. Hyderabad Metro is no exemption from this.

Though it has been four months since the operations of Hyderabad Metro were suspended, there is no information on when the Metro will resume its operations again.

As a result, the Hyderabad Metro suffered a huge loss of Rs 200 crore in these four months. On top of that, the metro is facing a cost of Rs 50 crore every month on the maintenance of trains and salaries.

With the losses increasing every month, Hyderabad Metro authorities requested the TS Government to lend them a helping hand in this regard.

Now the ball is in the Centre's court and whether to allow the metro to start operations or not is in the Centre's hand now. The c reporting more cases of the virus. hances of allowing the metro to resume its operations are very thin as Hyderabad is reporting more cases. We will get more information once the Centre issues an official statement.
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