Prabhas Fans Worried About 'Radhe Shyam'!

The first look of Prabhas's 20th film 'Radhe Shyam' has been released recently and it got tremendous response. The poster has been designed perfectly to signify the romance theme and it gives you the feel of an epic love saga. Both Prabhas and Pooja looked majestic in a stunning regal pose.

While everything looks perfect, there is one thing the fans are worried about. Right from the beginning, 'Radhe Shyam' is being portrayed as a romantic tale and the poster proves it once again. Fans of Prabhas are worrying that there might be no commercial elements in this film. Prabhas has a huge mass hero who is known for his heavyweight action.

The makers are aware of it and they might have taken proper care regarding that aspect. Since it is a love story at heart, they might have pushed the action part in the background but with a hero like Prabhas you can definitely expect some stylish action sequences in 'Radhe Shyam'.   
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