Corona Cases: Why Discrepancy In Figures?

The Telangana Government's health department is finding itself in a spot of bother over Covid 19 statistics. While the Government is putting out a different set of figures, the government website on is showing a very different statistic. In fact, there are at least 3000 cases more on the website.

The daily press notes show the number of people who have been discharged from the hospitals, but not the number of those who have recovered from Corona. This is giving rise to false impression that things are all hunky dory. Moreover, the number on the website is varying. When asked the health officials are claiming that the data on the websites could be misleading as it has included date from the tests conducted by private agencies. Another argument is that the Government bulletin is based on data at 5 pm on the day, while the data on the website is updated round-the-clock. If that is so, why the figures are not getting reflected in the next day's report is the big question. The health officials are finding themselves in a spot.

The latest is that the statistics on the website have now been taken down. There is no clarity as to whether it is a deliberate decision or a server error. Will someone in the health department clarify.
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