US Reports The Highest Spike Of Single-Day Cases

The United States, which emerged as the worst-affected country in the world due to the deadly outbreak of the ongoing pandemic continues to suffer from the disease as the cases are increasing in the country rapidly.

In the latest development, the United States witnessed the massive hop of fresh infections as America reported as many as 68,000 fresh infections on Friday which marks the highest cases in a single day so far.

The US has been reporting over 60,000 fresh cases for three days and the toll of Friday stood at 68,000.

With the latest addition, the total infections in the country zoomed to 3,291,786, while 136,671 people succumbed to the dreaded virus so far. The US accounts for around one-third of the total cases in the world.

Looking at the worldwide scenario, the total cases zoomed to more than 1.2 crore while more than  5,50,000 people succumbed to the dreaded virus. Brazil and India are at the next place after the USA.
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